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Mysterious Disappearance II The Philadelphia Experiment-secret project
was conducted by the United States in 1943. In 1979 was the subject of a book written
by Charles Berlitz entitled "Without a Trace" and many others, as well as countless movies.

The purpose of this experiment was to do stuff the ship invisible to radar, obviously for
war. The experiment failed because the ship, in fact, not be made invisible as expected,
but literally disappeared from the physical plane ...

Mexican fishermen Jesus Lucio and Salvador were nine months adrift but returned in good
health, in the case of shipwrecked illogical. As reported eating only raw fish survived
and those who did not died. The fishermen said they had gone out on October 28, 2005
shark fishing with two other Mexican port of San Blas, in the state of Nayarit. It took
285 days for his story was known and 301 days to return to their country. What is the truth
that lies behind this strange case? In 1960, after much preparation, three inmates
(Frank Morris and brothers Angelin) escaped from Alcatraz Prison, a prison perched on
a rock in the middle of San Francisco Bay. And as they say, "the earth swallowed them."
The question everyone is asking is, obviously, if escaped or drowned in those hungry shark
infested waters The July 30, 1975 James Barreto Hoffa was
last seen by his wife when he left his home in suburban Chicago to attend a meeting with
mobster Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone, a former vice president of the truckers. Two witnesses
testified that they saw in the restaurant Hoffa Machus Red, in the small town of Bloomsfield,
Michigan, around 3:30 pm, but no one ever saw him again ... What really happened to
the powerful leader of the truckers? The film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (Peter Weir,
1975) recounts the events of Valentine's Day 1900 in Hanging Rock volcanic formation in
the Australian state of Victoria. According to legend, four students and a teacher from
school Appleyard of the town of Woodend, disappeared without a trace during a school trip to the
enigmatic place. The event became one of the strangest and most mysterious puzzles of black
history of Australia. They plotted many explanations, but what is really the truth?
A little of the same age as that of the figure, known as "The Girl of pears", disappeared
in 1905 in the Barranco de Badajoz, reappearing half a century later with the same age ... What
happened? One of the most unfathomable mysteries in
the annals of exploration trips it is the disappearance in February 1925, Colonel Percy
HarrisonFawcett along with his son Jack and childhood friend while looking for a supposed
ancient lost city, he was convinced to find somewhere in the Amazon. The funny thing is
that during the years after his death there were several sensitive people who said they
received telepathic messages from Fawcett in which he claimed to be fine with no problems
whatsoever Lieutenant Bello was a precursor to the Chilean
aviation, on the morning of March 9, 1914 began a flight to nowhere. The government,
through all his might, and the people had to search, but to no avail, the Bello having
had vanished into thin air with his plane For the past 10 years are disappearing women
in Ciudad Juárez, the figure is calculated so far to 500. Some of the victims that have
appeared signs that have been conducting experiments with them. What is the mystery that are behind
these disappearances? The first child born in America was named
Virginia Dare. His parents had traveled to the New World with a group of settlers who
landed on Roanoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina, and Virginia was born shortly
after the August 18, 1587. The ship that carried the Dare and others to the new lands returned
to England for supplies, but when he found the deserted island ... What had happened
to the colony? Although since the mid-nineteenth century
have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft, one of the
most significant was that of Flight 19, five torpedo bombers left Fort Lauderdale on December
5, 1945 by routine training flight with good weather conditions. None came, nor the seaplane
that was sent to find him. What may have happened? Kaz II does the 'Mary Celeste' XXI century
The discovery in Australian waters a 12m yacht vacuum, untouched food on the table and at
least one notebook on, is a case in CSI, but not only that. It looks like a contemporary
replica of one of the great mysteries of navigation, the Mary Celeste, a brigantine which was found
empty 500 miles west of Spain on December 4, 1872. As in the Kaz II, the Mary Celeste
was found intact and there was in him no sign of the crew, but 130 years later, there is
a plausible explanation to the mystery of which I speak below. But the star is now the
luxury yacht found abandoned in the Great Barrier Reef with sails hoisted and the engine
in neutral. The Kaz II departed on Sunday the Australian
port of Airlie Beach bound for Perth, a trip that would take six to eight weeks. They traveled
in him three Yunderup retirees, near Perth, anglers: Derek Batten, 56 and her neighbors
James and Peter Tunstead, 63 and 69.Una Coast Guard aircraft spotted the boat drifting on
Wednesday and tried, unsuccessfully, to make radio contact with the crew. Yesterday, a
member of the rescue teams were picked to sea from a helicopter and boarded the boat.

"They got on board and said the engine was running, the computer running, a laptop on,
the radio and GPS too, and the food served at the table, but there was no sign of the
crew," he explained yesterday AP agency spokesman State Emergency Office of Queensland, Jon
Hall. Three life jackets, a dinghy and the beacon were on the ship, but there was no
inflatable lifeboats (the researchers believe that the missing were able to go to sea without
them). The headsail was torn, possibly as a result of the time the boat had been adrift,
and there was no other damage, which added to the good weather prevailing, has puzzled
the police. James Justin's family hopes that the three
men are mounted on a boat and left the catamaran anchored temporarily without either. "It is
the hope we have, they'll forget to anchor and drifting out. The three idiots" said Keryn
Grey, his daughter, a television channel. Haldan Barry, who has a boat rental business
in Shute Harbour, is rather pessimistic. He believes that one of the men could fall into
the water, the others rushed to his rescue and then could not get back into the boat,
which drifted with its occupants helpless in shark infested waters. Meanwhile, the police
examined the GPS to see what were the movements of the catamaran and nine aircraft, two helicopters
and four boats sought to retirees in an area of ??1,300 square kilometers without any results.

The Strange Disappearance of Frederick Valentich
An incident on the Bass Strait in Australia, on October 21, 1978, became one of the most
spectacular in the history of UFO phenomenology. At 7:06 in the afternoon in question the young
pilot Frederick Valentich 20 years in solitary flight from Melbourne to King Island in his
single-engine plane Cessna 128, reported by radio to air traffic controllers in Australia
that could see four bright lights on him. Wondering if it could be the landing lights
of a military aircraft, asked if this type of aircraft were in the area. He said no.

7:08 A reported: "It's coming from the east towards me. Seems to be playing some kind
of game ... flying at a speed I can not estimate." A minute later: "It's not an aircraft. P.

..". Radio contact was interrupted for a short time. When he returned Valentich said, "is
flying fast to me.'s An elongated shape. I can not identify more than that. Now comes
to me ... It seems to be stationary.'m Orbiting and the thing is orbiting on me also. Has

a light green light and a type of metal on the outside ". After a brief silence, the
pilot radioed that his plane's engine failed. His last words were, "It's not an aircraft!"
And then ... Frederick Valentich disappeared. A search began immediately his land, sea and
air and continued until Wednesday, October 25, when government officials gave up. The
only thing they found during the search was an oil slick on the sea that subsequently
concluded could not have been produced by a small plane as yours.

It is doubtful, in any case, that the Australian authorities themselves believed such a theory.

His main interest seemed to be to reduce public interest in the incident. Certainly had their
hands full, for two or three days after the disappearance The Australian, a national newspaper,
reported that there had been no interruption in the transmission and radial Valentich UFO
had described in detail to the air traffic controllers . The Australian claimed to have
received such information from a confidential source within the Department of Transportation.

Valentich's father made a similar claim: "I have been told that the tape contains much
more about what the UFO and that my child's voice was heard during transmission calm".

A Transport Department spokesman denied that any part of the tape over the radial exchange
was being suppressed: "The text of the radio messages between aircraft and ground began
when the pilot asked the Flight Service Unit at Melbourne Airport information about other
air traffic under 5,000 feet. was finished about six minutes later at 7:12 pm when the
aircraft responds to calls from the ground ".

other disappearances The Man evaporated in the air, lakes Mysterious Disappearance of
Ambrose Bierce, Anastacia Romanov, The Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Frank Morris, John and Clarence
Anglin, Agatha Christie, The ship Mary Celeste, Glenn Miller,
What has come: 1. Language differences DISAPPEAR
Nostradamus writes that after the invention of what he called "a new engine", the world
will be "as the days before Babel".

Explains the researcher, "Nostradamus seems to be talking about a type of universal machine
translation - maybe a computer. He says this development will soon lead to 'end the nations
Two. The dead walk the earth "Not far from the age of the millennium, when
there is no more room in hell, the dead will leave their graves buried," Nostradamus warns.

This prediction is chilling according to the prophecies found in the Book of Revelation.

Three. WORLD ECONOMIC collapse Without their fortunes, "the rich will die
many times," Nostradamus says. April. THE SUN WILL PROVIDE ALL THE ENERGY
The current energy sources will be replaced by cheap and abundant energy of what Nostradamus
calls the King of Heaven. He said the researcher, "He describes what is clearly a satellite
that receives solar energy and lightning down to earth.

May. People will live for 200 years Advances in medicine will extend the average
length of human life to 200 years. The 80-year-old will look like a 50 year old, the seer says
June. EARTH RADIATION burn "Kings steal the woods, the sky will open,
the fields will be burned by the heat," the seer writes. This is a warning that the destruction
of rainforests lead to a hole in the ozone layer, Earth's exposure to ultraviolet radiation
is highly damaging. July. An ancient Chinese technique REPLACE
THE MODERN MEDICINE HEALTH The old 20th century medicine approach, focusing
on technology, will stay on the road - and will be replaced by a much more effective
approach based on mind over matter. August. HUMANS LEARN TO SPEAK WITH ANIMALS
Advances in the science of telepathy will enable people talk to their pets and farm
animals. 9. All taxes will be abolished
A great revolt will end all taxation forever. The seer writes: "The people refuse to pay
taxes to the king 10. Aspiring parents will LICENSES
The days when anyone could have a baby will become a thing of the past in 2013, Nostradamus
predicts 11. The NUDITY will be the norm
As fitness improves, thanks to
the best genes, people feel more comfortable with their bodies and public nudity gradually
Sometime in the summer of 2015, an epidemic will come from Africa and spread throughout
the world and will spread rapidly. 13. The GAYS will quadruple in NUMBER
For unexplained reasons, the number of "men who love men will multiply by four," Nostradamus
The missile defense system proposed by Ronald Reagan finally put in place - but a blunder
spray will cause the system to Earth with deadly laser fire. "The king's old coat cause
pain, sky lights smite East and West", the seer warns.

18. THE ANTI-CHRIST will be captured The Anti-Christ, the earthly incarnation of
Satan whose coming is foretold in the Bible, will be captured and imprisoned "in the bowels
of a mighty fortress", before it has a chance to seize power. This postpones the Apocalypse
for centuries 20. The world will end IN THE YEAR 2436
Nostradamus says definitely that human history would stop on 1 October of that year.

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Desapariciones misteriosas-fin del mundo-gente desaparecida misteriosamente-misterios sin resolver


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