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Hi there, my name is Martin, and today I want to show you a new LED TV from Samsung,
the UE46F6640. This 46-inch TV offers a screen diagonal of
116cm and full HD resolution - that's 1920 by 1080 pixels. With this screen diagonal,
you should keep a distance of about 2.9 metres between your sofa and TV to optimise your
viewing experience. The 600-hertz refresh rate keeps up with the fastest movements to
give a more fluid picture. To increase contrast, this TV uses micro dimming, which increases
brightness in bright areas of the frame. This produces deeper blacks and gives you a more
detailed picture. With the 2D to 3D converter, you can also
enjoy conventional TV programmes in 3D. However, the effect is more impressive when watching
actual 3D films. The Samsung UE46F6640 comes with two pairs of active 3D glasses. A dual-core-processor
ensures smooth running of the Samsung SmartHub, which gives you access to the web, apps, games,
Facebook etc. You can use either a LAN or a WLAN to connect to the Internet. The SmartView
function lets you stream the programme you're watching to your Smartphone or tablet. And,
with a separately available hard disk, you can record your favourite programmes directly.

The two built-in 10-watt loudspeakers ensure clarity of sound. Of course, everything will
sound even better if you have a compatible home cinema system. You can also choose to
have the TV simulate the surround-sound experience. And, thanks to DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby
Pulse decoders, you'll enjoy watching films with a crisp sound.

The UE46F6640 has 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB ports, a component input, a composite In, an optical
digital output and an antenna socket. This gives you enough connections for your Blu-ray
player, games console, media receiver and home cinema system. The set has an integrated
DVB tuner for receiving TV signals without an external receiver, even where no antenna
socket is available. Thanks for watching, and see you again next

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Samsung UE46F6640 | How-To-Video | SATURN


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