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Hello I'm Mike Edwards
from DIY Doctor
Today we are going to talk about Eddy.uk.com
this clever device
is not a water softener but a scale protector
We were researching about hard water,
soft water and filtered water
We used to think soft water was a good thing
because it is better for your pipes
but we were surprised to learn
it is not good for our bodies
let me give you an explanation
Rainwater is mostly soft
but picks up deposits
from rocks when it falls
In limestone it picks up calcium
We are just outside Bath
surrounded by limestone in the Mendip hills
So we get deposits
of magnesium and calcium
which make the water hard
Fine for us as individuals
not so good for our pipes and appliances - like kettles and washing machines
but not dangerous to us.

Soft water on the other hand
runs though rocks like granite
and in hard rock
it picks up sodium or salts
and it softens the water
so soft water has quite a lot of salt in it
now of the 2 on a dietary level
hard water is better for you
it contains calcium
good for your teeth, and other minerals that are not bad for you such as magnesium
whereas too much salt in your diet
is bad for you
So hard water
may be better for you
but the problem of lime scale in your pipes still exists
So we found this Eddy device
an Eddy Descaling device
it descales pipes
it doesn't soften the water
but holds deposits in suspension
and stop deposits building up
it works by putting
a magnetic wave
a safe wave
electronically induced and non-harmful Magnetic wave
It stops calcium deposits forming
on the inside of the pipes
they are free floating
go through the system
instead of limescale residue which builds up on the pipes
it turns them into a soft powdery residue
which runs out through the tap
and can be wiped up easily.

So Eddy strikes a happy balance
between minerals
It leaves the good ones - and our pipes are scale free
What we will do
is install this device
on our set-up here
we normally like to demonstrate in a real way
in real circumstances,
but of course your mains inlet
is likely to be inaccessible
You should position
Eddy as close to the mains inlet
as possible,
which is often under the sink or under the stairs
so filming would be difficult
so we have set up a test area to demonstrate
Imagine this is the incoming pipe and fit it as close to the start of the incoming pipe as you can get
If your incoming pipe is lead
please do not
fit Eddy onto that pipe
lead pipe, otherwise the magnetic wave may loosen the scale and
Bring lead into direct content with your
water supply
Lead in water is the most harmful thing
So please get lead pipes changed
to plastic or copper pipes
and then you can fit the Eddy descaler
onto the pipes
to take the calcium deposits away

Find your incoming pipe
and then what will happen is that your Eddy kit
comes with this main unit
and 2 wires
a red and yellow wire
I've already fitted
the yellow wire
to save a bit of time
the wires fit...

the wires coil around the pipe
two coils
50 millimeters apart
The minimum distance they should be apart
50 mm or 2 inches
even under the sink you can find that amount of space
it's never a problem to fit
it needs to plug into mains power
to the unit
you may need to
drill a little hole through
to a socket above
the worktop
We need to apply this cable
in a minimum of thirty coils
The yellow one I have done this here is 35 coils
because we did this earlier
that's about three and a half inches
about 75 - 80 millimeters
So once you have done
80 millimeters you know
you have the minimum of 30 coils
If the camera can zoom in while I fix the start of the coil
and you'll see
I'm allowing enough cable
beyond the pipe to fit into the main unit
I will fix this securely
to the pipe
by means of
cable tie supplied
with the unit
Making sure I have the minimum 50 Millimeters there
pull that cable tie tight
Use pliers or wire cutters, sidecutters and
snip that cable tie off
keep everything neat
So now
I'm going to coil this wire
around the pipe
and keep the
coils as tight as I possibly can
just by sliding them
up the pipe as I have wound each one around
this takes
a couple of minutes
to do
keep them tight
but make sure you maintain the 50 millimeter gap
between coils
You can see
that we've wound
thirty two
coils on the pipe
and we can
tie off
as before - at the start of the coil
with a cable tie
Tighten that up fully
make sure the coils are tight
and you have a 50 millimeter space
and tighten up
on the cable tie
Snip the end off.

I like to turn the
cable ties around to the back - it's a bit neater
But we now have
the two ends
of the red wire
and the two ends of the yellow wire
It doesn't matter which order these are placed
On the instructions that come with the
unit it shows them
in this order
On the unit itself, there are colour-coded
holes for
the wires to be plugged into
As long as the red goes into the red and the yellow goes into the yellow
That's okay
The direction of flow of the water doesn't matter either
That answers one of the questions that you might like to ask
so having placed the coils
on the wire
As tight as we can
The unit itself is next
We peel off the protection strips
from the back of the unit
this can be in any position to work
for filming we will put it in a vertical
Obviously for the purposes of this demonstration
well put it on the wall
reasonably square
and, as you can see
It sticks quite easily
to the surface
and it is very strong
then it is just a question
of putting the red wires
into the red hole
output one
as it is labeled on the device
and the second one in there
and the yellow wires
plug in
to outlet 2
on the device
There's the electronic descaling device fitted to the wall
with the coils
on the pipe itself
You get spare cable ties
just in case you make a mistake
quite possible
and then
just plug in
the unit
as I said this will work upside down
vertically - it really doesn't matter
really matter at all
Simply turn it on
You will see the power lights come on telling you you have done the job correctly
The other thing is that
you should just leave the Eddy Descaler on
it only costs about 4 p per week
to leave it on descaling
before you install it descale your kettle
shower heads and taps
of limescale whatever
Although this will clean the pipes
and will keep the calcium deposits moving within the water
it wont
descale your appliances
clean the kettle first
get anything scaled up as clean as you can
and then what will happen there is any new
limescale will be a light fluffy
powdery scale
which can be easily wiped off
so this is the Eddy electronic descaling device
We think its great
DIY Doctor is an independent site
when we come across a product like this - having done the research into hard and soft water and found this fantastic
happy medium
to have the benefits of hard water
and just remove
the limescale deposits
from the pipes is a really good thing
We are pleased with it - we hope you are. It comes with a 12 month guarantee
Full fitting instructions
and as you have seen from this video
and hopefully you will have this video on you phone to help you fit it
- if not why not!?
but if you don't have our video
to hand
the full instructions come with the Eddy device
as do all the bits and pieces you will need
All you will need is a pair of pliers
and perhaps a tape measure to measure the gap between the 2 coils
That is the end of it from us. Thank you.

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Hard Water Solutions from Eddy Water Descalers Review


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