Health Care Reform - Shopping


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WOMAN: This looks good, right?
WOMAN: Right.

NARRATOR: Sometimes waiting too long isn't a good idea. With the new health care law,
deciding on your health insurance shouldn't wait either.

Make the right choice. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

Sign up by calling 1-855-867-5700, or visit There are plans to fit every budget.

Dependable because Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has been here for over 80 years.

Enroll now to get coverage that gives you security and confidence.

Beginning in 2014, you cannot be denied coverage for health reasons. The time is now.

Let the local leader get you through this new time in health care.

Call 1-855-867-5700, or visit

Wait no more. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. Through it all.®

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Health Care Reform - Shopping


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