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No... don't you come here and blame meHeHeHeHe
for your criminal actions.Hee
What happened with Willy Delgade
has nothing to do with decapitating a human beingHee
and putting his head on a platter.He
You're blaming me for something for which I'm not responsible.e
It was you who taught me how far to go to get what I want.He
I made an extreme decision three years agoHeHeHe
when that situation spun out of control.HeHeHe
It was a fact that your sister Barbara lied.HeHe
It was a fact that for months you defended a lie in court.He
I merely suggested a way out of our family problem.Hee
What are you doing here?HeHe
Don't you dare speak to Amanda like that.He
My son and I are having a private conversation.HeHe
Get out.HeHeHe
Is it true?HeHeHe
Did you kill Vicente Robledo?He
Answer me.HeHeHeHe
I went to jail for killing that man,
and it was you?HeHeHe
Tell me!HeHe
Is it because of you that my life is now hell?He
Answer me.HeHeHee
Did you kill Vicente Robledo to then defend me in courtHee
and make sure I ended up behind bars?HeHeHe
Did you let me take the blame for a crime I didn't commit?He
Answer me!HeHeHe
It's not like that.He
Vicente was my father. HeHe
How could you think I'd do something like that?He
What about that letter?He
It's a fake.HeHe
Somebody's trying to incriminate me.HeHe
Probably the actually culprit.e
Don't doubt me.HeHeHeHe
I'd better go. I won't listen to another word.HeHee
You can question and doubt anything else...HeHee
but never my feelings for you.e
I don't want to reproach you or throw anything in your face,He
but knowing all I know about you...HeHeHe
That you lied to me from the beginningHeHe
and traded me in for my brothere
that all you wanted was to destroy my family and me...Hee
In spite of all that, I love you with all my heart.HeHeHe
I'm here.HeHeHe
I came to help you pack your bagsHe
for that new and exciting life awaiting you in Canada.He
Thanks, Mom.HeHeHe
This has all happened so fast.

I don't know how I'll do everything in so little time.He
You don't need to take everything now.HeHeHe
Arturo can watch your things He
while he resolves his situation with his child and Lisette.Hee
Arturo's a great man.HeHeHe
The proof is in the pudding. He sacrificed himself for youHe
to fulfill your dreams.HeHee
Your professional dreams.HeHe
Despite that meaning you two will be apart.HeHe
Why the long face? HeHe
Is the thought of being apart from Arturo making you sad?Hee
Or is there something I don't know?HeHeHe
So you can take me to Canada along with my wife and son?Hee
I've got a flight scheduled in a next few days.

We're going on vacation and it'd be greatHe
to save some money on the flight there.HeHe
No sweat. I always hook up my friends.HeHe
Just make sure your IDs are in order.HeHeHe

I didn't think there'd be any police inspectionsHe
seeing as how this is a cargo planeHeHe

touching down in a small airport.HeHe
There are fewer inspections, He
but they're not entirely eliminated.He
Not so much when we depart, but there are when we arrive.He
What else do I need besides my passport?HeHeHe
If you're traveling with a minor,HeHeHe
we need a signed document from his mother granting permission.e
Even if she's traveling with use
It'll be three of us.HeHe
My wife, my son, and me.He
If that's the case, there won't be a problem.He
We won't be needing that if both parents are present.He
Yes, Petra.HeHeHe
Daniela Cano's in my room.Hee
She's going through a tough time.He
I managed to get her to sleep for a while,HeHe
but I need you to take care of her and my baby.HeHe
If Daniela wakes up, tell her I'm showering or something.Hee
Whatever you do, please don't tell her I went out.Hee
Can I count on you?HeHeHe
Thank you so much.He
What are you so happy about?He
Did you find Daniela?HeHe
No, Mom. That's not why I'm happy.He
Then why?HeHeHe
What can be so important that's taken your mind offHee
the anguish of your own daughter being missing?HeHee
Can you stop criticizing me?He
I could've not come back.HeHe
But I did. He
So that when Daniela returns, I'll be here.HeHe
So you're not going to tell me where you were and with whom?He
Take solace in knowing that life is just full of surprises.e
Wonderful surprises.HeHeHe
Lucy, you're finally back.Hee
If you're going to live here, e
I shouldn't have to do all the cleaning.He
Hi, Transito.HeHeHe
I swore the first thing I was going to do was come see you.He
Here I am, keeping my promise.e

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Santa Diabla | Capítulo 110 | Telemundo


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