RuneScape OldSchool BTS 4: Minigames & the Wilderness


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Oldschool RuneScape - Minigames and the Wilderness
This month, Old School BTS talks to Mod Mat K about updates to slayer,
the Wilderness and the results of last month's poll on minigames.
Last month's poll was mini games.

We gave players an opportunity to vote on all sorts of areas of mini games to improve their gameplay.
The players voted in a matchmaking system as well as some new armour for Castle Wars
and the guys have been working hard to get that into game.
The two biggest changes for the mini games are going to be with Castle Wars and Barbarian Assault.

Castle Wars are getting some new armour, they're getting some mage armour and they're getting some range armour to tie in with the melee armour they already have.
Barbarian Assault are getting a whole load of quality of life updates to make it easier to progress through the mini game.
And of course both mini games take advantage of the matchmaking system.

Now we know what players want from their mini games,
it's time for us to look at the next poll and the next poll is about remaking the wilderness.

PVP's really popular, we know players love to kill each other in the wilderness
and we want to make the wilderness a really popular and vibrant place for them to do it.

We've pulled loads of ideas from the players for how we're going to rejuvenate the wilderness
and we're going to make it really great place.

We're looking at updating all areas of the wilderness, we're looking at working on brand new group bosses, brand new solo bosses,
reworking the rewards of the existing content, putting in new monsters, putting in new resources,
there's a whole of things players will be able to vote on.
The wilderness update is going to be huge so we're still collecting ideas from the players
but when we're ready the poll will be available in the usual place which is on our website.

We'll be delivering the update throughout February so from then players will find it even more fun to kill each other in the wilderness.
Also throughout January we're going to bring in a whole load of Slayer updates.

We've got the slayer helm coming, we've got slayer points, we've got a new dungeon,
we've got two new slayer monsters and two new bosses all coming to Old School.
What's great about Slayer this month is that players are going to have so much more control over what they go and kill
and where they go and kill it. And how they kill as well.
Players are going to be able to block tasks they no longer want to have,
they're going to be able to use brand new equipment like the slayer helm to go out and kill the monsters with,
and they're going to be able to go to a brand new dungeon to be able to take them on as well.
Anyone who's interested in what's coming up in February, head over to the forums
and have a read of our dev blog of what's happening in 2014 and let us know what you want to see.
To keep up on latest old school developments including the team's plans for 2014,
the guys have now got a blog for your reading pleasure.

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RuneScape OldSchool BTS 4: Minigames & the Wilderness



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