Rezept: Izmir Köfte - AhmetKocht - Folge 68


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Welcome to Ahmets Kitchen, today we will be making Izmir Köfte
what we need for the Kofte: 400g minced beef
an onion, 2 garlic
50g dry bread
an egg
and a handfull parsely already cut finely
let's start
put the onion into the mixer
now, done
all in here
with the knife the parsley in here
add the minced beef, the mix
continue, the egg
the whole
and a bit of thyme
20g Salt
20g Pepper
freshly ground
20g Kofte spice
work it, with your hand, done
OK, cover
with foil
put it for half an hour into the refrigirator
and then we continue. what else we need for Izmir Kofte:
700g potatoes, already peeled
a Zucchini, a pound tomatoes, and 100g Paprika, red and green
let's begin, I got a wave cutter here
for the potatoes
cut them longish
just like this
in here
all is cut
it looks like this
I have rape oil in here, which is already hot
so we can put the potatoes in
ventilation on, take a look
the potatoes have a goldbrown color
put them aside
now put in the zucchini
cut it longish, through the middle
take a look if the middle is soft
you can cut the middle out, if it is soft
here a cut and again, then you can get it out
throw this away, this too, it's also soft
cut again with the wave cutter
the Paprika
cut 2-3cm pieces
I got the cores out beforehand
now add the zucchini
the zucchini are done, as you can see they got color
they got to be goldenyellow
and in, let the oil drip off
the Paprika
not to long
time is up
just a minute, not longer
let the paprika in the oil
put this aside too, so the napkin can take in the oil
I got the kofte from the refrigirator
work it again
watch out at this part, take a bit of water
make it round
make little pieces
small and round
like this
let's begin with frying the Kofte, into the oil
with rape oil
get them out
on top of the fries
I rotated them
all in here and distribute
let's make the sauce for the Izmir Köfte
60g Butter
let it melt
50g Tomato paste
add 300ml water
15g salt, 15g pepper
done, let it cook, in the meantime cut the tomatoes
put the tomatoes onto here
I needed 4 tomatoes
now the sauce
on top, distribute everywhere
let it rest for 5 minutes, and then put it into the oven at 200°C

on the middle rail
let's take a look
yes, OK, looks good
it needed 25 minutes in the oven take a bit out
you can serve it like this
please enjoy the Izmir Köfte, until next time, Ahmet, bye :)

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Rezept: Izmir Köfte - AhmetKocht - Folge 68


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