Rezept: Döner - Ahmet Kocht - Folge 34


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Welcome to Ahmet's kitchen, today we will be making Doner Kebab

We have beef
a good piece
the fat must be removed
lets put this aside
which is about a kilo
Now we are preparing the sauce (marinade)
we have a coffee cup milk
coffee cup milk
in there
Again, coffee cup oil
Sunflower oil or rapeseed oil
you can use either

also in there
this is Doner Kebab Spice

add one and a half spoon
add salt
Ok, and onions
which must be very finely grate
put it aside
get this out
then you have to stir
I have here other spices, chili, pepper, garlic

Everything is included, onion, add that too
Ok, put this aside
lets start with the meat
take a look
cut it very thin

Get the fat out
you have to cut thin slices, like doner kebab slices
as thin as possible

I now have everything cut to thin slices
put the slices into the sauce
you have to mix it all

ready, now we put it in here

Air out
now put it into the fridge for at least 5 hours,
if possible longer, like 10 hours.

Today is Saturday, tomorrow, on Sunday, we're gonna continue
until tomorrow
here we go again, I put the meat into the sauce on Saturday,
today is Sunday
the pan is hot now
now we do it (the meat) into the pan, without the sauce

without oil, oil is already there (in the sauce)
good, lets continue here
let's make Cacik
I got yoghurt with 3.5% fat content
put it aside
add Garlic
2 pieces, first we cut them with a knife
now add salt
and then do like this with the knife
Press here by hand
finished, add it to the yogurt
OK, I've got yoghurt, garlic,
with salt
now add in mint
dry mint
Stir everything now
Sauce is ready
you can also add cucumber if you want
more or less garlic, now I'll start with salad
I have heart salad
already washed
a pepper

a red onion
Ok, we have already finished salad
Stir everything
Salad is ready, lets put it aside
take a look at the meat
we can still upshift
as long until the meat is by
and no more water is in it

the meat is almost done, it takes about 10 minutes
Liquid is gone now
you will only see the oil
if you want even more flavor

add a teaspoon of butter, then the meat is even softer and tastier
we let the (butter) melt, then it's done
the butter is melted now
Doner Kebab is finished, turn (the stove) off
I already baked the flatbread
here it is
let's fill (the flesh) into the flatbread
as you can see, OK
Now the sauce comes in.

add the salad
if you want to add chili, feel free to do so
this will be eaten by Murat
I wish you a good appetite, until next time, Ahmet, bye :)

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Rezept: Döner - Ahmet Kocht - Folge 34


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