Como hacer gorro-boina en telar circular


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Hello, in this tutorial I show you how to make a bonnet like this that is kind of a beret
circular loom of 30 cm in diameter, this is for women, I don´t know the measures for men
100 g of yarn, 1 hook like this, thick stainless steel hook and needle for yarn
look for the yarn and loose enough to not jam
fold like this and put it up to make like an "8" and move the circle through the middle of the other and pull
you´ll have a slipknot, once you have the slipknot take the loom and look for the gap
insert the slipknot in this peg and put the excess in the gap
wrap the peg like this
if you see this side you´ll have a cross, do this around the loom, this is the easiest way to do it
you just have to make 1 return to this procedure
when you get to the last peg
pass over this strip
take the hook and pull the yarn down
being careful not to leave the others, push down
do the same, pass overhead, take out with the hook and push down
do the same around the loom
once you're done take it out, you´ll do the same procedure of passing the yarn up, taking out and pushing down aproximately 25 or 30 laps
to know how many turns you have, at the bottom you must have like stripes, I have 2, because I have done 2 laps
once you have 25 or 30 stripes, you´re done, I will do 25
when you finish, you should have something like this
it will probably was very tiring and tedious but do not worry, the following is the most important and the most fun, I think
here on the edges, there are weak points, pass these points in the front peg
take this and put it in the front peg
do the same with the next and with the next peg, you must do this with care because it is a little hard
do around all the loom
when you finish you´ll have something like this
this is the most important step, so pay attention
press the points as below as you can
take the hook
and take out the below yarn
and pass over the one which we just put
be careful
you have to do this part very carefully because the yarns are more tense
leave aside the loom and the hook
take the yarn, search the other tip of the yarn, it is inside
I took out this ball from the inside
here you´ll find the other tip
take the tip and tie to this yarn
tightened until the top
you should have 2 strips of yarn
take the loom
tangle the 2 strips like this
hold well the strips, with the hook take out the below
and press
entangle and hold
take out the below yarn with the hook
take out the below yarn with the hook
Repeat this process around the loom
the first round is the most difficult, once you finish you have to do the same point
the following laps depend on the desired size, I recommend from 18 to 20 laps
you can measure it, to see what size you want
when you reach the desired length count the crosses
here I have the 18 I wanted
now we have to close the bonnet
to see how to finish the bonnet
click on the video that is appearing here

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Como hacer gorro-boina en telar circular


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