Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes responds to recent controversy


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Is 90 a lot of complaints in your book, about the rape scene in Downton?
downs I you know
in an audience I've minutes I think it's now about 10 million it'll roll up to
about 12 when they take in all the i pissing think it ninety people around
and over 11 million
whatever it is are okay I mean
I want them to be unhappy I don't want this to be a minor event in the history
up the show this is a character we love who's been
seriously attacked and the response should be
unhappiness and I hope involvement and I hope as she makes this
you know to use Tony Blair's word "journey" a
that we will follow her through that Jen and I and I hope it is
useful and helpful as well as interesting I'm
I'm sorry of course if people are unhappy but we were very careful not to
do its
in the ordinary television way of having some
gruesome scene you see every abuse or nothing is just that you know what's
happened and that's what we're interested in is the emotional response
to what's happened significant whose downs and is so much in the national
consciousness that they'd be such an outcry even you know anything
I wanna said left forces
slattery to think I mean these things happened three times and nights
on every day the week on television and you know read about that
so there is some something kinda rewarding
feeling that the characters are so taken into the public's heart
that they really awesome plus E agree
what's 7i you know I love them so
I just hope bill so keep faith with us
and for I mean this in a terrible position because apart from anything
she thinks if miss debates finds out he'll do something
stupid and possibly ruin his life
so how does she deal with the facts you know
again I think that's a situation of people
have to face to what extent are they entitled to plunge everyone they know
into this
people talk very simply chap shares about I would use them each
report everything to be savvy its it's terribly complicated when you called in
the middle level
that and you're trying to do what's right but you're also very shocked and
very hurt
you know when I i and I hope if it's not too ambitious to say
that how Anna deals with it will be useful I mean if we help one person and
it's with I'm

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Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes responds to recent controversy


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