Особенности национальной рыбалки (English subtitles)


Text of the video(*)

- So what's up with our "Eagle"? - Most likely he's drinking vodka.

Under a roof in a warm company.

But that was you who asked him to stay by.

In such a weather a good master wont let his dog out.

That's right, a dog.

"Eagle"! Tell Semyonov.

Hello, Mikhalych, is it you? Mikhalych, give me a hand, l've broken down.

Gotcha. We're on our way.

O.K. I'm getting ready.

Stop! Come on! Come here!
- Give me the end! Come on! Why do you dawdling? - Here, that's it.

Alright! Come on!
Mikhalych, I'm ready. You just pull off gently from the place.

l can't here a thing. We'll get you there, don't worry!
Hell of a weather. Great for fishing!
You should take the stuff out of the back for I can't see a thing.

That's OK. Let's go. We're already late as it is.

l don't get it.

What's going on?
l don't get it.

Mikhalych! Who is it you towing are?
You're not towing me!
l can't hear a thing! Are you standing still?
- He says he's standing still. - We're on the move, alright.

So if he wants we can go a little faster.

What cow?
Eagle, has the general gone by?
We don't understand - what cow?
Oh, I got him. The general is bringing you a cow as a present.

- What do l need a cow for? - You haven't got yours back yet.

I'd rather had an ostrich or a monkey.

Keeping exotic animals are more fashionable now.

Here is our Constable Kiryukhin has got himself a koala bear.

Now he is planting eucalyptus trees for his koala on the plot of land.

They - Koalas - love eucalyptus leaves badly.

Of course, Kiryukhin tried to soak
our country's birch tree leaves with eucalyptus liqueur,
but the koala wouldn't have any of it.

Yes, Russia still got a hundred years' worth of idiots
up its sleeve, thank God.

They are coming. And with a cow, for real. I thought, I heard wrong.

- Hi. - Welcome.

- Mikhalych. - Hi, Kuzmich.

So how is it here?
lt's O.K. A bream has gone but there's plenty of carps and salmons! I'm on the loose!
Good day, General!
- You didn't need to bring it here. - We couldn't leave it on the road.

- I grudge leaving it 'cause it's a good one. What is her name? - Ford.

Original. That's what we called our Sergeant Vasilyuk.

He worn black shirts 'cause he truly believed
they need more rare laundry.

Unbelievable mysticism.

l thought something was dragging me out on the corners.

Where's Serghei? Uh!
Where's our car? Where's our Ford?
You animal! What are you doing here?
Watch it! They're handy with those hooves. She can hit you, Lyova.

She covered about 20 kilometres after us.

She already won't have the strength to kick us. Probably.

Oh! They've brought Serghei!
It was you who's got the ropes mixed up tieing up the safety equipment, isn't you?
What are you talking about, Serghei? What you gave me I mixed up, indeed!
Really? lt was raining so hard, I couldn't see anything were tied there, at the end.

You were hurrying me, you told me: 'Come on! Hurry up!' So I
The new Prosecutor's arrived. He is a very strict person.

- ... If not for the police, hell knows ... - What gave you I mixed up!
- You tied up your own end! - Of course l did! You saw the rain!
- Hello, Kuzmich. - So, Semyonov, follow me!
It's all your fault.

What's my fault?
Stop arguing, lay the table.

OK, let's drink to Sense!
In what sense?
In the sense "Long Live Sense".

That cow has set a speed record.

General's car speed was not less than 50.

It's a pity we can't register it with Guinness.

I mean, it was documented.

We have destroyed the protocol on mutual agreement.

And so would have been in the Guinness book of records.

We'll draw up a new protocol.

I have one case PhD goes.

He will be the witness.

It's time for our region to become world-wide known,
to defend the honor of the Motherland.

- Prosecutor! What's up? - I've just remembered the Snivels.

What snivels?
My village lies between two rivers: The Big Snivel and the Little Snivel.

- Mikhalych, it's not quite right.

- Of course, l see. So, to the Motherland!
A. ..

Two vodkas and some sturgeon.

Yes, the prosecutor is not one of us!
You drink too much! Such a bore!
We shouldn't have taken him fishing, he'll ruin the holiday.

He wanted to see my lodge: all the amenities,
the standards and service of a fashionable resort!
Service, my foot! What self-indulgence!
ln fact,
l built the verandah in the classic oriental style,
with a special place for observing and relishing the moon.

They were building those verandahs at the end of the Heian period,
It was a new architectural style
named shinden-zukuri.

- What? - Shinden-zukuri.

Which was founded on a interest in the inner corners of man.

l don't know about them, but for me watching the moon is emotional.

A total escape from our chaos.

What are you going on
about this oriental mysticism?
Can't you peacefully meditate in our Russian way?
lf you do it the Russian way, you'll ruin your health.

Two rings on the bell, her name is Olya.

He is a freak that in drinking is weak.

What a milksop!
His predecessor was a real man.

He could drink half a bucket,
and then read a lecture about the dangers of alcoholism,
and on the culture of sexual relationships in the countryside.

Kuzmich, don't get us worked up.

Keep your eyes on where you are steering.

It'll be dark soon.

We'll navigate by the stars then. Two fingers left of Algol.

What Algol?
It's a star in the constellation of Perseus.

There it is, barely noticeable.

This is the North Star, a little higher is Cassiopeia.

Turn left, and there's Algol.

Have you got it?
A. ..

He's out.

He had told me before, on the pier
about being nervous when waiting for us.

Yeah. At another, he came forth!
What alcohol... dammit... what Algol are we heading for?
l'm afraid we are going off course.

Algol is there. There's a light over there, head that way.

Where should l stick my fingers: vertically or horizontally?
In any case, Kuzmich has thicker fingers.

As much as we do not stray off course!
That way.

- Are you sure? - Yes.

- Are you sure that this is his lodge? - Yes.

He sent me a Christmas card. lt's his alright.

We are going the right way.

So, unload.

Jesus, why so much?
l said: "Don't bring too much, we're going to have a rest."
five, six... sixteen boxes!
Yeah ...

There's something not quite right...

l said: "Don't bring too much,
we are going to have a rest."
l said not more than sixteen, but l meant the bottles,
not boxes.

lt was not my idea.

Let's just hope it's not all for us.

Maybe someone else will come
to have a rest.

Why so much vodka? How much were you asked to bring?
However many you asked for - that's how many l brought.

But never mind, l can relax in a civilized manner.

So, to Understanding!
We know how to relax.

Sixteen boxes is just about right.

Look how he is taking care of him. That must be respect.

Kuzmich, why is your colleague keeping silent all the time?
Definitely not mine.

He is definitely deaf and dumb.

And sometimes, what to do.

For women it would be bad.

Because for women, You can say the tragedy.

Because they need to hear words.

But we men, we can understand each other without words.

We have a lot of things to discuss,
among us men.

Having a shave wouldn't hurt.

Mikhalych, be careful with your hands.

You scratched your neck, and he thought you wanted a drink.

l didn't come here for that. l came to get some rest.

Do some fishing, relax.

We can't hurt his feelings.

So, to the strength of men's silence!
He understands everything!
Listen, where can l
sleep and wash myself?
Yes, wash myself.

Got it!
ls that what we need?
O. ..

Oops. Phew!
Didn't you understand me? l told you:
I told you.

l came to do some fishing, big fish!
Of course, l can't give a toast like the General, l'll be brief:
Goodbye, health.

Help yourself.

Where am l?
l'm over here! Which shed did we put the vodka in?
- ls that you, Lyova? - ls it me?
Mikhalych, just take the hair of the dog...

We'll get some worms, have some breakfast, and go fishing, right?

- Kuzmich, have you got any bread?

- Where?
- There.

- Where there?
- Look in the kitchen.

You've got zilch.

We'll have to drive to the shop to get some bread.

Serghei, what do you want for breakfast?
Serghei, l'm taking some money.

He's alive.

We won't be long:
we'll just go for bread and back.

- lt's a good road.

- They've learned how to build.

- Want some? - No, I can't.

- Why so? - I'm driving.


Weird. There's neither bread nor drinks anywhere.

It's an auto shop.

-You can't drink and drive. -Can't eat no bread, either?
Miss, do you like fishing? Pardon.

Lyova, you had better have a drink of water first.

Girls! Let's go fishing, ha? It's a nice weather outside.

We'll sit down, do some fishing.

- We just go and dig up some worms. - And buy some wellies.

Liova, you'd better shut up.

You're scaring even me with your roaring hiccups.

- Hey, where's the toilet? - I can't drink no more...

Excuse me for turning my back on you.

Good night, or day?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Well, neither do I.

First one must try and understand his feelings,
only after that a decision must be made.

Wait a little. I'll get champain.

I'll be back in a second.

Have we got any champagne? l need champagne urgently.

We've got vodka. Kuzmich doesn't keep champagne.

Who drinks champagne on a fishing trip?
- Do you have any champagne? - Excuse me, where's the toilet?
Everywhere. Don't go near the shed, There are loads of nettles.


- Do you have any champagne? - Only vodka.

Why's everything so clumsy?
Sorry, Serezha.

Do you remember which way we came?
You're the bloody native, this is your neck of the woods.

Oh, I can see cops. Let's ask them.

Hey, listen, how can we get to his place?
To the thirteenth lodge.

You're not buckled up.

- What, are you Karelian?
They've got new uniforms.

You're drunk. You're swaying.

First to the right, and then to the left. Did you get that?
Thanks, mate, but you should learn some Russian.

Hey, what's happened?
These Russian are driving around blind drunk, as if they were back home.

l noticed that something wasn't right yesterday.

Everything is neat and ordered - not like at home.

...and nostalgia.

Finland? Sweden?
l think we should leave before they arrest us.

There's only one problem - the General.

Yes, he might make a point of it.

Kuzmich, we stopped here, didn't we?
Yes. Mikhalych is splashing about over there.

Going to sleep.

Prosecutor, get up! Reveille!
Serghei, get up.

We've crossed the border, we've got to leg it, fast and quiet.

- Lev ... - Get up, I say!
Let's get at least one of them up.

Serghei, we're over the border, we crossed it!
The can put us behind bars, and goodbye fishing.

Sergei! Grey!
When are we leaving? By night?
At night it might be too late.

Lord, has managed me.

Who dressed me like this?
lt's all your colleague's fault - the bastard.

He spiked my drink - l still keep snoozing off.

- lt's all because of your Algol! - Me?
- You, you, you! - What am I?
We should make a run for it.

What were you saying about sleeping pills?
You mustn't stay in the water so long. You'll get sick.

All illnesses are from lack of culture.

Water is the cradle of conscious life.

lt just gives me pleasure to return to the source of existence.

and benefit from this untold pleasure.

lf he stays in his cradle much longer,
we'll spend the rest of our lives behind bars.

They have comfortable prison.

You get bananas for lunch there and read books.

Thanks, l can do the same thing at home.

l want to return to the Motherland.

Don't break my heart. Start smiling - Mikhalych is here.

Lovely! The water is wonderful.

We've got fed up with this place, let's go to the old lodge.

lt's not bad here either.

At first l felt depressed, but now it abated.

We must just keep ourselves occupied, we'll go fishing now.

The pills.

There're no fish here. They've gone to the old lodge.

Mikhalych, would you like some more tea?
- How many pills did you put in? - Two.

Not enough.

Put some more in that he just fall down.

Kuzmich, where is your verandah for observing the moon?
- l couldn't find it. - l'll show you later.

There are no fish here, almost none.

- Coincidence, she was lucky. - She is a professional.

Would you like some more tea? lt's so hot here.


- lt's not working. - lt will soon.

He's had three cups. Seven pills.

Maybe they're not the right pills?
They're the right pills.

- What's wrong with Serghei? - Too long in the sun.

Well, it's time to do something else for a change.

lt's not working.

Maybe they make them immune to these things in the army.

Can encode from poisoning?
Lyova, what if he falls asleep?
Well, that's what we are waiting for.

Yes, but if he falls asleep on that thing?
Right, he's already asleep!
- l'll catch lasso him. - Careful.

Come on!
Got him!
Kuzmich, where are you going?
Mikhalych, stop the boat!
- Wait, Mikhalich! - Kuzmich, where are you?
- Mikhailovich, stop! - Kuzmich!
Mikhalych! Wake up!
you are dragging me after you!
Mikhailovich, stop!
- Stop him! - Don't worry, Kuzmich.

He'll run out of fuel in 2 hours.

Mikhailovich, stop! Stop!
l can't swim!
Hold on, Kuzmich!
lt's over, Kuzmich, he's out of fuel.

Save me, the General knows how to swim.

He's got an unsinkable waverunner!
Kuzmich, give me a hand.

Full speed ahead!
So, goodbye. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Next time you're down our way, drop in.

What do you think, are we already in neutral waters?
How should l know: everything is so near here.

Lenin made it to Finland on foot in a few minutes.

And my boat is shibche.

Well, do you know where you are going?
Because Lenin knew where he was going.

It's harder to navigate by the sun than by the stars.

You have once of their stars have made.

Let's hope we don't end up in Africa with your sun.

So, have we broken through?
Is it much further?
Where is the vodka?
You're like the last donkeys. You left the vodka behind.

You have not forgotten anything? A vodka you have left.

Serghei, tell me please,
did we travel a hundred miles just in order to drink vodka?
Of course not.

- So why did We come here? - To fish.

So fish! And don't even mention vodka!
... 14, 15.

Fifteen boxes!
Those Russians are smugglers! Are you a smuggler as well?
No, I'm an owner of a small hotel.

We have a little vodka.

The season is about to start, there'll be loads of tourists.

The Russians are a generous people, they left this vodka for us.

You don't know the Russians!
They never leave vodka behind.

It won't take the spoon-bait at this speed.

It hurts me to think we left so much vodka behind.

What the!..

Your fishing line is too thick for our waters.

- Olegych! - Serge!
Help! Somebody!
Hello, darling! Everything is fine!
Not everything, of course.

Tell the emergency services
that l'm floating on a log.

Probably somewhere close to Finland.

Why can't you? You're having a rest? In Cyprus?
I'm on a log, and you're in Cyprus?
There he is, on a log! Serghei, don't worry!
Guys! I'm here!
- Be careful coming up to him. - Look at the perch I caught!
Serghei, don't worry!
- Guys! - Take it! Op!
Serghei, are you OK?
- My darling... - What?
- My wife is in Cyprus. - It's his nerves. The stress.

Left for Cyprus.

Everything is OK.

Rest left.

Don't worry about the vodka - we'll have loads of vodka.

She's gone to Cyprus without me.

Yes, you do not take it to heart - she left.

My wife went to the theater 8 years ago to see Parsifal,
and then she sent me a postcard from Kathmandu: "Don't look for me."
I found happiness and true vocation.

Cyprus isn't the end of the world - she'll be back!
Hands up! Come alongside!
Stop the engine!
You have crossed the Russian State border!
Don't shoot - we have a General and a Prosecutor with us!
We got lost!
I'm Kuzmich!
Lyova, shine the light on my face!
I've got my hands up!
Legs apart!
Let's do our morning gymnastics!
- Semyonov! - Cop!
I can't believe that you can get lost in your own backyard.

It happens ...

I was looking for you.

I even started to get worried.

So I took some border guards with me.

- We've broken through! - We were roaming around the skerries.

Put your hands down then.

I was showing them our beautiful landscapes.

They were so impressed by the views that they fell asleep.

Thank you! Good luck!
If you need any help - get in touch! Have a nice fishing trip!
- Stop the engine! - Engine stopped!
Give me the rope!
They must have had a nice time.

Our landscapes are unique.

I can't understand people that go to Cyprus or elsewhere to rest.

What's wrong? I understand, I feel it too.

Come on.

- We need a toast. - We shouldn't wake up the General.

- What's he sitting here for then? - The vodka is gone.

It sank.

- All of it? - There won't be any toasts today.

- Where? - There.

We must call the scuba divers. ln the spring we dropped a box of cognac.

When the day of birth Head of Logistics celebrated.

They found it in all the mud, and they got it back up.

- It's deep there.

- Will go to! - Very.

They'll find it all the same.

Especially when they learn there is vodka down there.

So, what, are we going to cry about it?
Of course, I can't give the toast like the General.

So, I'll be brief.

So, you know what l mean.

So, to unity!
Of course, to unity with nature.

She doesn't like fishing, so she stayed at home.

I gave her such a great rod bought.

...3 hours, and not a single bait...

I caught this massive salmon over yonder,
A healthy, six pounds.

it fetched three two-liter jars of caviar.

I was using a normal worm,
the rod started to bend,
and l thought, that's it, the rod is going to break.

I turned my torch on, and I saw a fish big as a log.

So I took a paddle and gave it a bang.

It was moving all the same, and I didn't even have a hand-net.

So, with my bare hands,
I grabbed its tail.

And it started thrashing around.

3 hours, and not a single bait,
And then, in 10 minutes,
I had a full boat of first-rate red-fins.

She's left for Cyrpus without me.

My darling... Cyprus...

What have you found there, in your Cyprus?
Who's there?
Who's there?
We were in a different place.

We were. Now we're here.

I don't remember a thing.

There won't be a moon tonight.

If you watch the moon for a long time, you go insane.

That's what they said in Middle Asia, when I was in the army there.

A sign of this is.

I don't remember a thing.

I don't understand a thing. There was a shed.

Kuzmich, yesterday you had a shed. Where is it?
I have a lot of buildings.

- There definitely was a shed. - Nice weather.

- Maybe I dreamt it. - Agreeable weather.

- Didn't I drink a lot yesterday?
Blacker than a king's hat.

Sometimes I'm sure
I've got a 100 ruble note in my pocket.

And I can not find. Oh! Appeared again!
It's time to go fishing.

May I go with you?
I've never really been fishing.

You can come.

You must start from elementary things:
First you angle with worms, then - with spoon-bait, and then -
the other forms of fishing.

Dynamite, for example.

We don't use it, though. We only fish sportingly.

Yes, very athletic.

Maybe you've got some mermaids here
and naiads?
I've got loads of things that go beyond ordinary sense.

There are lot of women wandering about. This place is great.

- Should I dig up worms here? - Dig, there're plenty here.

Prosecutor, just dig deeper.

- There are no worms here. - Dig, there're plenty here.

What's the Prosecutor doing in the field there?
Yes, my hands are not getting through.

I wanted to plant Soya-beans here.

Or was it Gaolyang...

Kuzmich! l've found one!
Lyova, straight ahead, there're plenty of fish there.

I haven't thrown any bait out there.

- What should l fish with? - There's a sinker there.

- This one? - That's right.

And how do you use it?
You put the worm on the hook, then you cast it.

If it starts jerking, you pull it out.

Got it?
Hook on the worm, and then overboard. OK.

Hook on the worm... Where's my worm?
What've you got there?
Is that all?
I dug up half a field.

Okay, let's help.

Give it a swing. That's it.

- You cast it. Here, take it. - Thank you.

- Lord ... - Yeah.

Pull it out and try once again.

It's got stuck on something.

Pull harder, it's a strong line.

Oh ...

Who is this?
I mean, what's its name?
- It's a bream. - Is it a big one?
It's not small.

A big bream!
We'll catch an even bigger one!
Should l put another worm on?
Yes, and the sinker into the water.

We're going to catch a massive fish now!

What are you looking at? Cut it!
Get the first aid kit.

How did you manage it?
This is my first time fishing.

Well, you won't forget it in a hurry.

- We've got nothing, not even vodka. - We should get him to a hospital.

Well, Semenov!
You should put your finger into the water, to stop the worm from dying.

Otherwise the poison will get into the wood.

Do something!
Come on.

Watch you step.

Hey! Somebody!
We need some help.

- Bon appetite.

Thank you. What's wrong?
- When did you get it stuck? - Today, out fishing.

Show me.

We put it into water, so that it wouldn't die.

Do you understand?
Here you are.

An anesthetic.

Give me the instrument.

Get the.

So, well, well. This one?
Yes. It's gone right through. But the end sticks out.

It's a piece of luck for you.

We won't touch the worm. We'll just cut it away.

Never mind, all my stuff is sterilized.


That's it.

You can have this as a keepsake.

- Thank you.

Thank yous don't pour.

Got it!
My sister's husband got hooked right here.

Most importantly, himself picked.

We thought he would never be a man again.

But he is lucky: he's still got his wife and his mistress.

Put your finger in some vodka.

The worm might have been ill.

So, to the operation!
What, I have to drink this?
Well, if you're not squeamish.

Personally, I am very sensitive to this.

When you brought that worm on the finger, I nearly went sick.

Meat dumplings are a traditional Russian meal, they came to us from Siberia
and in translation they mean "boiled ear".

If we'd caught some fish, we wouldn't be doing this.

Meat dumplings are the essence of life.

This food is rather simple, but it is very healthy for man.

The main thing is the proportion, especially of dough.

You can eat up to a hundred
without any consequences for your health.

Wow! How are you?
I caught this big fish. Lyova, what is it called?
- A bream. - This big bream.

Fish no.

The weather is changing, so they're not biting.

We can catch them only with the help of dynamite or the fishing net.

So, what are we celebrating?
So, to the finger!
That's right.

When are we going fishing again?
First we have to make our minimum requirement of dumplings.

It would be a long procedure, you know.

Is anybody there?
What a silly idea!
Ugh, you, Lord.

Excuse me, are you there?
I wanted to talk with you.

Don't be afraid of me.

Excuse me ...

Hello, my name is Serghei.

You do not worry.

Does your tail get in the way, when you're on dry land?
Where are you going?
Serghei, what are you doing here?
Excuse me, but again I am.

I don't want to seem impolite, but you stunned me.

Sorry ...

I never even imagined
that creatures like you exist.

Mikhalych, the transformer has broken down.

What is there ...

A nymph. Grey eyes.

I'm with the purest of intentions ...

No big deal, I've got a very low voltage here.

... and hit me so. It is not good.

I should move it to another place.

People confuse it with a toilet.

Very politely, with a bunch of flowers.

From a purely professional interest.

A season doesn't go by without somebody zapping themselves.

My intentions were honorable. What was the idea to strike me!
It is not good. It is not good.

Shame on you, Serghei. You distress me, really. Why
did you go into the transformer cabin?
There is clearly written ...

Kuzmich, what should an intelligent person think, having read this?
Intelligent people
don't meddle with transformer cabins.


My wife has left. And she - she kissed me.

- Who kissed you? - The mermaid.

All the same, you should repair the sign.

Perfect! Throw it!
We've got the delivery.

Alright, I can walk by myself.

What did he tell about the mermaids?
Ever since we rescued him from the log, he's been out of his mind.

Constantly about mermaids said.

He keeps asking me if there are a lot of mermaids in these parts.

- So, are there many? - Are you a materialist?
I was a victimized materialist.

Constant contact with nature
changes the angle of things.

You'll laugh at me, but they exist.

It's hard to believe it, but it's true.

You don't believe me?
No. Kuzmich, introduce me to one then.

It's a deal.

- What's this? - Meat dumplings.

- But this is ravioli. - Well, they are meant dumplings.

Yes, but it's ravioli.

But they're meant dumplings first and foremost.

They're dumplings, Mikhalych.

Yeah, ravioli.

Well done, Semenov.

If it wasn't for you, we'd be making ravioli for the whole night.

Hey, is anybody here!
Where are you? Kuzmich!
- This? - This.

That's great.


- Hello, guys! - Hello.

- So, what do you think? - Good, bloody good.

I'm talking about our deal.

Alright, show me where you left the cargo.

Here, in this region.

But that's a foreign country!
- Really? - It can't be.


- So what if it's a foreign country? - You landlubber idiots!
We go in quickly, and then go out.

Do you understand in what kind of country you live?
- Of course. Lyova. - Serghei.

Semyonov, get in. The water is wonderful.

A man should have constant contact with water.

I don't mean that vulgar consumption of liquids.

It goes without saying. I mean here - the contact.

It's being at one with nature,
with our creator.

I'd go even further:
we all came from water, and we'll all return to it.

In this Wednesday.

Ah, well!
Only amateurs talk that way: go there, come back.

This is not a taxi, this is a combat vessel.

I can dump an aircraft carrier.

Well, if lucky, of course.

And you're talking about some boxes.

This isn't the right shed.

Semyonov, look.

Do you know what it is?
Plastic explosives.

Where did Kuzmich get it?
Nobody reported to me as yet about the theft of plastic explosives.

Was not?
But never mind. Blow this stuff up, there'll be plenty of fish.

The guys will come back, and we'll give them some fish.

It's poaching.

So we should go further behind the island, no one will notice.

What you are suggesting, in any country is called
a diversionary operation.

Let's not argue about the terms. Just think about it.

- Lev. - Sergei.

We're not hurrying you.

- There's no hurry. - We've plenty of time.

It's not just sport or relaxation,
it's a state of being, a repose from the worries of daily life.

General, we won't be long.

After all, is it our fault that we were born in Russia?
We need very little to be happy:
a sense of the Motherland, of the Universe.

A quiet river, a small forest lake, and simple fishing equipment.

We'll use a smoke screen, and no one will see.

Quickly abandoned their belongings and go home.

You are so clever! Why aren't you in uniform,
if you know it all, you landlubbing half-wits!
- Where's the toilet? - To the left down the corridor.

And put my coat on. This is a combat ship, after all.

And then go here, as naked apes.

Comrade Lieutenant-Captain. There's a package from headquarters.

Sign here.

You're to open it at the time specified on the envelope.

Permission to leave?
Leave, leave.

We must be 20 meters away, or we'll blow ourselves up.

Depth is small.

After the explosion only 10 to 12 per cent of the fish will float up.

The rest of it will remain on the floor of the sea.

We must collect the fish that will be on the surface.

Until she pulled myself together.

- Is a current towards or away from us? - That l don't know.

Full speed ahead, or we're done for!
Swim for your life!
I'm running ahead! To which the steering wheel?
On the nose run, the prosecutor! Come on the nose, and then will be covered!
Will cover the same!
How much vodka did you leave there?

- How much? - Only 15 left, to be exact.

So it's going to ...

You should have said that straight away.

- Can you show me the exact place? - Yes.

It's an uninhabited area. lt would be better to go by submarine.

- In a "Baby-Sub"? - How do you know?
It's a state secret!
Last year we took it to the island to go berry-picking.

- Who took off my sandals? - The explosion tore them off.

My feet are wet. And why are you shouting at me?
I thought you were shell-shocked.

- And where's our boat? - It sank.

Kuzmich will be upset. What will we do?
Maybe we should swim to the shore.

Well, what happened in the summer.

If it had been autumn or spring, we'd die from exposure.

A pilot shot down over the Baltic has 20 minutes to survive.

death was freezing.

If they got him in time, they could bring him back to life.

The best way to warm him up
was a woman on either side.

Lots of them had their eyes pecked out by seagulls.

The eyes glitter in the sunshine, so they peck them out.

Can't you think of anything more cheerful?
Rubbish some are carrying!
Birds are very responsive to shiny objects.

- My name is Vasily. - Serghei.

The second battle changing intercede!
What are you doing here?
Our training exercises have begun. Kuzmich, have you seen a package from headquarters?
A secret one? Lyova wanted to open it yesterday.

You're with him and ask him.

I need it as much as a hedgehog needs a T-shirt.

Serghei got it, he signed the receipt.

Oh, noggin hurts.

Why can we never sit in a civilized manner,
do we always need to drink.

Where is the package?
- Anyway, is there any left? - My plan of actions is in it.

We've got training exercises with live shooting.

And I don't know which way to shoot.

Like a broken record! Ivanych, have you got any left?
We should have a hair of the dog, then look for it.

He should be here somewhere - we didn't go anywhere, did we?

I will be at the location in 20 minutes, and I don't know the procedure.

- Do you have any children? - No.

- How old are you? - Nearly thirty-four.

...and you haven't lived at all yet.

What are you talking about? Stop this nonsense.

- You should be realistic. - Semyonov!
- Look the danger bravely in the face. - Follow me!
Vasily, where are you going?
- Basil! - Row!
The explosion must have lifted it up from the bottom.

There's very little time, I have to open the package.

Good God, what made me get mixed with you, you landlubbers.

- Where can l get some water? - There's water all around.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

A grappling hook and horseradish up your holes!
Fuel oil, liquid grease under!
Although this is nonsense.

The detonator needs to be hit very hard
to set the mine off,
otherwise an occasional storm or fish would explode it.

We're over here! Save us!
So funny - our whistles play in one tonality.

What are you on about?
We could play some simple melody.

If you don't like classical music, something modern.

Like you, Vasya, eh?
I, for example, like the Early Beatles.

Semyonov, are you an idiot?
- Do I look like an idiot? - Yes.

Excuse me, where can I get a drink of water?
- Upstairs. - Thank you.

Battle stations!
- Prepare missiles for action! - Missiles are prepared for action!
Where are you, Ivanovich?
What the hell have you done, you streak of sea-scum.

I just wanted a drink of water, but none of the buttons work.

How did this mixture of sea-scum monkey and sprat get on board my ship?
- Sir, have the missiles gone? - You know, go and have a look.

Why me again?
Checking the rockets, sir!
The sergeant Kurts, to check visually whether the missiles are gone!
Ivanovich, and that fire was?
All my life l've dreamt of seeing how missiles fly.

The same with me.

Did you shoot well?
Ask him.

I thought it was about water:
with bubbles, without bubbles. And there's a cup here.

Why confuse the people?
What do you know about naval humor?
The missiles have been launched.

- What was that? - What will happen to us?
It looks like they fired missiles.

Comrade Captain, the Commander - is on the line.

Dear God, why?
Captain, the Commander is on the line.

Tug-boats, thank you for the mission.

Permission to return to base, over.

The Captain of the missile boat is on the line.

Excellent work, Captain of the third rank.

No, that's not a mistake, you have been promoted.

That's the way, comrades: two missiles, two hits.

What happened?
They've promoted me.

We must have hit something.

I would've been surprised if we'd missed.

You should see Serghei hunting, with a Remington in his hands!
And then the rocket ...

Set course for base!
- Let's celebrate the promotion. - And our shooting skills.

Semyonov, don't whistle, or you'll never be rich.

- Watch out, there's a mine! - It's a fake, for training.

It is another lost year.

What are you doing in the military training zone?

- Kuzmich! Lev! - Come on, get up!
We'll fire into the mine.

We're saved!
Thank you, I can't drink any more water.

What were you doing here?
- Kuzmich, are you a brave man? - Well, I have my moments.

Then, you must face it with honor:
your boat sank.

Prepare to eliminate the training mine. Fire!
It's not fake.

Faster! What are you doing there?
This is the senior commando, a specialist in secret operations.

- Kuzmich. - Lyova.


Viktor. What do you want?
It's not far from here. Just there and back.


So, he was in Africa.

He never told us about it.

They're getting up to their tricks again.

... arrested
for the possession of smuggled vodka.

This is the largest amount
brought to Finland in recent times...

That means it wasn't a dream.

Do you have any contacts in the Finnish Republic?
I do, but they are of a private nature. A Finnish writer
Last autumn l took him hunting.

- Why? - There's a shed we have to open.

- Urgent. The third day went ... - What is the third day?
I called upon
his professional pride.

Because at first he refused.

We leave in two hours.

Semyonov, you just get my boat back!
We must get back by tomorrow morning.

We need to get some scuba drivers.

You must call your Finn in Finland, and tell him to open the shed.

God, three days...

Vodka is the unique invention of our people.

It's not just a strong drink like any other.

It's a nationality, a national character.

It is what protects all of us from total disintegration,
bearing in mind we are
reasonable enough when consuming it.

Our vodka uses natural, soft water,
which, alongside with cereals, gives it a special taste.

In other countries they use distillation
and boiling, but here we only use pure, filtered water.

That is why our vodka is superior to other drinks,
such as the French Frambois or ltalian Grappa.

That's without even mentioning rum.

Right, where's everybody gone?
Kuzmich, is it called Baby?
It's called that on purpose,
to confuse the enemy and other rubber-necks.

You are on board a military underwater craft!
It's not a ferry-boat for you, so don't touch anything,
don't press any buttons, and don't ask stupid questions.

- Are there any questions? - No.

We'll be submerging in five minutes.

- Have you already been on it? - I have.

Do they have a toilet?
Everybody to their places. Fasten safety belts.

What are the belts for? Are we going to fly?
So that people like you stay put
and not wander around the toilets or sink water down the pan...

- What can be in there? - Anything.

We're off!
Lev ...

We're diving.

So, where did you sink the boat?
- Over there, l think. - I think, over there.

Do you remember any landmarks?
There was a lot of water, a horrible amount of seagulls, and a mine.


This isn't it, it's a shed. And this...

Look, isn't this your one?
Ours was a bit more respectable, and more buildings around it.

We'll keep looking.

This definitely isn't yours. And this maybe...

- Probably Russians. - They've probably got lost again.

- This is it, right here. - Here. Definitely here.

This one maybe?
It sort of looks familiar. Lyova, take a look.

- Well? - Yes.

The cat is sitting there. It stole our fish.

What fish?
They haven't got any fish!
You come to my lodge, l will show you loads of fish.

You are such fish have never seen!
And who is that? lnteresting.

We're off on the mission. ln charge will be...


- What is your rank? - Major, homicide department.

Don't touch anything. Don't untie this.

- Don't press any buttons. - Is there a toilet here?
In the navy, we call it the head. Serghei, just be patient.

Let's go.


Something's not right here.

Oh! What is this?
I've only been gone for two days, and they've laid hands on it!
It's closed.

Very impressive.

Wow, Raimo!
I need to go to the head.

You can wait with your head.

No, ours wasn't made of wood. Ours was iron. Keep looking.

The current is strong here. It could have gone further.

There was a clock on the steering wheel, in a metal housing.

There was a clock on the steering wheel, in a metal housing.

Are there so many boats down there?
- Kuzmich! - What?
There are some strange guys up there.

They went to the shed.

And I saw Raimo by the shed.

You're hallucinating!
Stop babbling - take this.

My friends called me and asked me to open this shed.

Hi, my friends told me to open this shed...

Once, twice.

We've been spotted.

- What's happening? - There was an ambush.

And what happened?
They are tying us up.

We've got you.

- It won't come down. - Lyova!
What do we do now?
- That's the lot. We've made it. - Can I go to the toilet now?
Let me look...

So what was their plan!
Never mind, we'll break through.

Maybe we should surrender? We'll say we just got lost.

We've got out of worse fixes.

You shouldn't piss about that.

That's exactly what I'd like to do.

Hold tight!
Give me another rope!
Isn't there a simple toilet
on such an advanced submarine?
With God's help, we're off!
- What should we do? - Fight.

Great fishing...

We're almost out of fuel. Pour some vodka into the tank.

In here?
Are you crazy, this is vodka!
- Lev! - Wait a minute.

Does it run on vodka?
It runs on anything that burns.

It is better to be without vodka than to be in prison.

Get on with it!
- Leva! - What "Leva"? Come on!
That's so ...

She's moving, the beauty!
What wooden box?
- Did we have a wooden box? - Yes. lt was at the back.

Yes, there was a wooden box on the stern.

So, get the box at least.

I've got it. lt's heavy.

A very interesting chest.

Cognac. Year 1804.

That was the year they declared Napoleon emperor of France.

Before that he was simple life consul.

Is cognac a good thing?
- It's almost 200 years old. - I've never tried anything like it.

Such an old vintage!
All the stars on our lapels wouldn't be enough!
- This is the fifteenth box. - Pour! We're going well.

There is.

She's never run better.

What kind of an engineer
built a vodka-consuming engine?
Right you are. This is the last one.

And you wouldn't believe me. Look.

Viktor, let's go up:
We're dragging half of Finland after us, including a civilian.

Raimo ...

Such a cognac can be acquired only at international auctions.

- How much would it cost? - Very expensive.

We could never buy the like.

Why should we? We've got it.

I've never seen anything like it.

This is what l'd like to say.

Destiny brought us together, we were like living next door,
but we didn't notice each other.

And then - this adventure happened to us.

To us remembering this summer forever!
That we be happy as we are now.

- And I'd also like to say... - So, to fishing!
Ask Lyova.

Was that vodka good?
- Is there any other kind? - Golden words of truth.

I caught this massive bream!
I'll show you how we fish! There is nothing like our fishing!
Oh, come on!
Your fishing is just sitting and staring at the float.

But with us it's much more fun. We can sit and have a talk.

We can rest to our heart's content.

Could I have a cigarette?
Why didn't you ask earlier.

Try one of ours. It's not one of your scummy foreign ciggies.

We've rested nicely. I've never had such good fishing.

I know places
when they jump out of the water. Let's go there now...

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